Clutch/transmission problems on my 94 ford ranger

i have a 94 ford ranger that has approximately 130000 miles on it. i drove it into its usually spot one night after work, when i went out the next day to go to work, it grinded into reverse and when i got out into the street it wouldnt go into first. after some force it finally went into first, i drove it back into its usually spot and now the only gear it will go into is fourth and grinds as i try to put it into reverse. it wont go into any other gear. is the problem with my clutch (which feels like nothing when i press it in) or is it my transmission?

Does it shift into all the gears with the engine off? If so, there’s a problem in the clutch hydraulic system. This could be with the clutch master/slave cylinder. And unfortunately, if it’s the slave cylinder, the transmission has to come out. Because the slave cylinder is inside the bell housing of the transmission.


Check the fluid level in the clutch master cylinder reservoir. If you are lucky it is low and refilling may get you back in business. However, if you find it low keep an eye on the level and look under the truck for leaking fluid if it does drop again. If the reservoir keeps dropping check for leaks at the master cylinder and at the bell housing drip point.

Good luck on this. Let us know what you found.