1987 Ford Mustang - Problems?

What inherent problems are there in a used 1987 Ford Mustang convertibles? Do they have suspension or steering problems?

On a 32 year old car you can expect numerous problems. Decent cars when new, but again 32 years old. Have it inspected.

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Not when they were new, but at 32 years old, they’re probably wore out by now.

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Really, this is the least of your problems with a 32 year old car. Have the car inspected with a fine tooth comb by your mechanic. Likely a 32 year old car will need a LOT of rubber items replaced as they are rotted an no longer reliable. If the car has been sitting for a long time without being driven, there will be significant expense to return it to active service.

If the car has been driven regularly, the wear and tear over 32 years should be apparent to the mechanic and they can advise on what needs to be replaced.

Don’t think you will use this car as a daily driver. It IS a Mustang so most parts are available but not all. The age of the car will give you reliability problems that a newer car will not.

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Would you please explain why you ask this question ? Not all 32 year old vehicles are going to have the same problems . At that age each vehicle will have to evaluated on it’s own condition . That is why people who buy classic vehicles have a shop look then over . Besides what ever problems there were could have been fixed by now.

On the plus side they’re pretty easy to do repairs and service on.

My first concern would be the shape of the convertible top and how well it works.

With any used convertible, the first thing to do is inspect the floor boards for rust holes, or for any rust repair to the floor.