1997 Ford Mustang convertible

I’m (still!) lusting after a convertible and have found a 1197 Ford Mustang with 118k miles on it for under $3,500. Am I crazy to even think about buying this car? I need guidance! thx.

Obviously I meant a 1997 – don’t think they had cars in 1197! See, I’m so excited about the possibility of owning a convertible that I can’t even type!

If it’s a V6 model don’t bother. The have head gasket issues. However, given the amount of mileage on the car, they may have already blown once and been replaced.

The first thing you should do is leave the lust out of the equation. Being so excited you can’t type is not a good way to enter into a car deal.

The car may or may not be a good deal. It all depends on how it was driven and maintained so a THOROUGH inspection should be performed BEFORE you consider buying the car.
I believe the head gasket issues were resolved by 1997 but checking for this should be part of the thorough inspection I mentioned.