Anybody have water leak problems with their 2008 Ford Mustang?

I’m considering buying a 2008 Mustang GT convertible CS with 60,000 miles. Has anyone with a similar model
had a water leak issues?

I have had 5 or 6 convertibles from different manufacturers, never had a water leak problem. My last one was a 91 Mustang that slept outside. Had it long enough to replace the top twice, never a leak.
If that concerns you, see if the seller will let you take it to a brushless car wash where you remain in the vehicle during the wash, any leaks will be readily seen.
As far as the car itself, have it inspected by an independent mechanic prior to purchase.
With used performance cars it can be a coin flip, may have been driven gently and well maintained or it may have been flogged. At 60,000 miles expect normal maintenance items may be needed such as brakes, transmission fluid drain&fill, and cooling system drain&fill.
I have an 06 coupe, 6 cylinder, really like it.