1987 Acura Legend

I have recently Inherited my dad’s old 87 Acura Legend sedan. It’s a great car with a bunch of problems. Only the Catalytic Converter and the muffler have been replaced. The clutch is beginning to go, the paint is sun-faded, the sun-roof leaks, the trunk leaks, two of the door handles are broken, the radio cuts out, the speedometer and odometer are broken, and the antenna doesn’t retract. The engine runs well for the 300,000+ miles it has gone. It burns a little oil but nothing that relaxed driving can’t fix. This car really is fun to drive and to own, but at this current rate of degradation I need to look for a new car. I’m wondering what y’all think I should do with it. Whether to scrap it or not, or sell it for like $500-750.
Any info or opinions will be greatly appreciated.


“It’s a great car with a bunch of problems.”

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play ?

The problem with not keeping up on repairs and maintenance has surfaced. Sell it for what you can get while it’s still running. If that doesn’t work, scrap it.


Nice to be loved huh? Yeah I’d dump that in a heart beat. It might have some value for the ricers out there so try Craigslist but get only real cash, make sure the title is transfered, notify the insurance company the instant it is transfered, and on the receipt somewhere make sure it says as is where is.

I remember when the Legend first came out.
An old mechanical engineer where I used to work bought one.
He said “it’s a lot like my Oldsmobile, but it’s got more of everything”.
We were envious.

It has a lot of relatively minor problems. Sounds like a good candidate to donate to a vocational school for the students in auto shop to work on as a project car.