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1990 Acura - Longevity?

Any thoughts on how long a well-treated Acura Legend with 117k miles should / could last without major ($500 or more) repairs, provided all recommended maintenance has been taken care of in the meantime? (I know this is like asking how long a marriage might last even after therapy…but what the heck – give it a shot, anyone!)


That’s like a retirement planner asking a client how long they plan to live.
My Chrysler and GM cars usually go 300,000 without $500 or more in repairs and then rust takes them out.

Regulars on this site will advise that it depends on your maintenance, driving habits, and good old luck. Do cars rust badly where you live? It could go a half-million miles or it could buy the farm next week.

Assuming ALL maintenance has been done, and you continue to do it, there is a good chance the car will last at least another 100,000 miles. I’d expect to spend an average of about $500 each year just on maintenance, however, and a $500 or more repair is not out of the question.

The Legend is a good car, but parts can be expensive. Timing belt replacement is critical on these cars, and that alone will be more than $500.

Why the $500 limit?

It will last somewhere between 117001 miles and 267828 miles. I came to these numbers using a complex mathematical formula that I couldn’t possibly explain any further.

You’re close, Xebadaih, but I believe the correct figure is 267,822.

You neglected to carry the 1 in step six of the computation. It’s a common mistake.

117k is pretty low miles for a car that old. How much do they want for it ? Bargain hard.

er wait. Do you own this car already or are you looking to buy it off someone ?