1 have 94 plymouth sunbird 130128 miles after you drive the car for about a half hour it stalls out everytime you slow down at a stop sign what ever. i jut had a throttle sensor and there was another sensor i can’t remember the name[but they where close together]and it still stalls out some told me to turn up the idleing i need help

You’re probably thinking of the Idle Air Controller.

Did you have the shop diagnose the problem or just tell them what parts to change? If you brought it in to have the problem fixed, by all means bring it back. If you told them what parts to change, perhaps it’s time to let them diagnose it.

Don’t play with the idle. There is a reason this is happening, and it could be anything from a weak battery to a clogged injector to any one of a number of sensors. Someone will need to look at it.

Have it checked for a leaky EGR valve.

Do you mean Plymouth Sundance or Pontiac Sunbird? Also, does it have these symptoms when sitting parked, idling, or just while driving? The way you describe it, and the name sunbird, makes me think it could be the torque converter clutch solenoid. This is a lot of reading between the lines I’m doing, but those do go bad frequently on that era of GM transaxles. When you slow down to stop, does the car buck and jerk like a manual transmission left in gear with the clutch released? Does it not stall if you coast to a stop in neutral? Does it stall right away when you put it in drive? Perhaps more importantly, is it a manual or automatic transmission? If it’s a manual, disregard this possibility.