the starter/solenoid is new, battery is new, the cables are new and the ignition switch is new, i get the required 12 volts at the solenoid spade connector, yet all i hear is a click sound when the key is turned. What else is up?

i also need to add that the engine is NOT seized. the car is a 1987 nissan truck with a 2.4 engine and manual trans.

New does not always mean good. That click without the sounds of the starter moving generally indicates insufficient power or defective solenoid. Were the starter and solenoid and starter new or rebuilt? Why do you have all these new parts? What was the problem before? How old is the car and what make and model?

starter is actually rebuilt, the old one was bad, cables were old, car is 21 years old, nissan, pick up. quite possibly the ignition switch did not have to be replaced.