96 Lumina, will not start HELP


I picked up a POS 96 Lumina in not runing condition over the weekend. I figured I would try to get it running then see what I do with it. After looking at it I think Im just going to junk it because it is in such rough shape. However it is now sitting on my tow dolly, and I need to turn my truck around so I can scrap the car. So I still need get it runnig, because those of you who have ever tryed to back up a tow dolly know how impossable it can be. I was told the car just stoped running on the highway, and it was towed to this garage where they replaced the crank shaft sensor. It still would not start and the owner gave up. I got it home and put on a known good ignition modual and coil packs (form a 91 lumina)… Now the car will kick on starting fluid and really sound like it wants to start… It just will not. Any ideas on where to look now??




Did you check for fuel pressure and spark?

Start with the basics before you start throwing parts at it.


Well it has fuel in the rail, and I was spaying starting fluid into the intake. It did kick, but did not start… It may be spark, but where can I look 1st if it is


Do the basic checks, first. THAT will shorten the list of possibilities considerably. Check for spark during cranking. There are several different ways: hold the spark plug wire, with a spark plug in the end, to the engine block, and watch for spark during cranking, or, watch for the flashes from a timing light on any spark plug wire, during cranking. Get two 12 volt LEDs from Radio Shack, disconnect two fuel injector wire connectors and put the LED leads into the connector sockets (dc voltage just goes one way, so, you may need to switch the LEDs leads about). Crank the engine and watch for the LEDs to flash. If they flash, the fuel injectors are getting spray commands. +++ I just had a 1990 Chevy 3.1 L which the ECM computer is opening the egr valve and the charcoal canister purge valve when it shouldn’t (during start and idle). Pull the fuse which supplies power to these valves. It’s under the hood, right side, labeled IGN fuse (upper left corner fuse).


If you are sure you have fuel pressure then you need to see if the injectors are being pulsed.

Istall a injecotr test noid(available at your local parts store) in a injector harness, crank the engine and see if the noid pulses. If the test noid doesn’t light there is a power supply problem to the injectors. If the injectors do not pulse then there is a control circuit problem, possibly a failed ECM.


I was spaying starting fluid into the intake. It did kick, but did not start… It may be spark

I doubt if it is the spark. You say it did kick with the starting fluid and that takes spark. It sounds more likely fuel related.


Yeah. If it fires with starting fluid but not without, the fuel pump is likely toast.


But it does not start even on starting fluid. It just sounds like it wants to, but it just will not get there…In other words

1- No starting fluid- Normal crank, no kick or anything.

2- Starting fluid- kick, but no start… It does not run at all