1986 Corvette Taillight



Any good suggestions on changing a taillight on a 1986 Corvette? The manuals say remove three screws on the lens, but there aren’t any screws there!

I spent a couple hours trying to figure it and I give up.

I’d appreciate any suggestions before I get a ticket!




I know what you mean. I had a '91 that had a loose lens assembly and I couldn’t figure out how to access the backside of it. You may have better luck posting here: http://forums.corvetteforum.com/zeroforum?id=34


Doing a google, it sounds like you “have to remove the bumper enough to get at the screws on the back side of the tail light housing”. You just have to study it some. I had half the back end of my Riv off trying to get the light out before I noticed two screws going into the top of it under the trunk. A 5 minute job if you know how.



Thank you both for your suggestions.
I’ll try the corvete forum and see what I can find out.