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Engine sounds like it's about to stall each time I step on the gas pedal from a stop position

I’ve got a 1982 automatic chevy 454 engine with only 46,000 miles on it (in my Winnebago RV). It runs just fine except each time I step on the gas pedal from a stopped position for an instant it sounds like the engine is about to die and then it starts going. Is this a major engine problem or something that requires minor adjustments? I want to sell the RV. If it’s going to cost a lot to fix, I’d rather lower the price of the rig.


Sounds like the carb links need some cleaning. It could just be an accelerator pump not working right. A good carb guy could likely fix this in a snap. But they are hard to find.

What questions might eek out answers that would expose a good vs not so good carb guy? 8-(

Many–perhaps most–younger mechanics have never worked on a carburetor, so you want a mechanic who is at least 50 yrs old. 60 yrs old would be even better, so the only necessary question might be…How old are your mechanics?

Simply asking about the age of the mechanics should eke out the information that you need.
Of course, you might say, “eek”, when contemplating how to ask this question diplomatically.


Incidentally, I agree that the problem is likely to be the accelerator pump.

This engine is great and loved by a lot of folks who are retired or about to retire. Truck mechanics still get carb work here and there. For a reference check the mechanix files here or find a shop that does 70’s and 80’s performance cars. Talk them up to see what their first problem would be to test. If they say fuel injector just say thanks and walk away.

Great input…thanks!

Check to see if the hot air tube is connected to the air cleaner housing. Without that warm air this problem happens when the choke fully opens. When the engine is fully warmed up the problem seems to go away.

If you have an aftermarket air cleaner without that tube, try to get an original one. If you have an exposed air filter element, it would be a problem.