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Sell donate or junk yard

i have a 1995 saturn sl2. it’s clutch has been going out for a while and when i recently got it inspected it needed 2 front struts and a few other things needed attention. so i decided to get another used saturn cheap because i didnt have the time myself to fix it and didnt want to put the amount of money in it to fix it to pass inspection and replace the clutch. it would be a great car once fixed so i dont want to take it to a junk yard. i’d like to donate it maybe or sell it as is. what do you think i should do? is there any where i could go where i could give it to them and they would fix it up to sell it?

Try selling it as a “parts car”. If you get no takers, look for one of those companies that tows cars away for free.

If you donate it, that will be just about like giving it away. The donee will sell it and give you a receipt that you will use for taxes.

Put an ad on craigslist with full disclosure and also documentation that the car is being sold “as is”. Get this in writing for the final transaction. A high school kid with some skills will buy it, fix it and enjoy it.