No Clutch Pedal Pressure

After over six months of this problem, I have no one else to turn to. I have been to three different shops, been towed four different times and am still having the same problem.

A little over six months ago, I had both my slave and master cylinder replaced in my 1995 Honda Accord. About three months after that, the problems began.

The clutch would progressively get worse which indicated a leak in the line. I got the system bled once and it was fine for a week and the problem returned. We then replaced the slave and master cylinder again since it was still covered under warranty. After two weeks or so of no problems, it came back.

Initially, I was able to deal with it by just pouring more brake fluid into the line as it would gradually leak out. However, this no longer works. The fluid level is full for the clutch and there is still no pressure. I have replaced the slave and master cylinder twice in six months.

Do you guys have any suggestions as to what I could do? I’m a little lost. After pouring over forms and keying in every combination of “no clutch pedal pressure” I could into Google I have reached a dead end. I would appreciate any advice you guys have.

Has the rubber hose been changed?

Which hose would this be? The one from the fluid reservoir? I doubt it

Nope, the rubber hose that connects the solid tube that’s attached the the firewall (and thus body of the car) to the solid tube that’s attached to the engine/transaxle. Part number 15 in this picture:

These are common weak points in hydraulic systems-- even if they’re not visibly leaking, they can still be letting air in or can be collapsed internally or bulging under pressure. I was going to say they’re usually so cheap they’re worth changing even if you’re not 100% sure that’s the problem, but according to the site I got that picture from ( list is $100 and they don’t seem to have them in the aftermarket places I checked.

Unless you’ve had extremely bad luck with the cylinders, it’s pretty certain that the problem is that hose or one of the many fittings you see in that picture. You probably need to have a talk with your mechanic about what the best way to go forward would be-- depending on his labor rate and how much he can get that hose for, it might make sense to have him change the washers and check the that all the fittings are snug and then see if that resolves it, or it might just make more sense to go ahead and change the hose.