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1985 Isuzu Pickup - battery went dead

My 1985 Isuzu pickup truck battery went dead. I went and bought a new battery put a new battery in and nothing happened did not get any any electricity anywhere could no blinkers no dome light nothing. I then recharged my old battery which didn’t hold a full charge put it back in and was able to get some power and even with jumper cables was able to jump it and get it started and got it home. I’ve checked my connections to the solenoid in the ground but none of that makes sense because the old battery put in you know just with the positive and negative terminals would get me you know a little bit of power while the new battery does nothing other when I tested the new battery it does test at almost 13 volts does anybody have any idea of what to do.

The battery current does no good if it doesn’t GET to the places it is needed. Check the ground cable for resistance, check the battery cables for resistance, make sure all the connections on this 34 year old car haven’t corroded off. Go look to the basics!

If you do not own a digital volt-ohm meter, head over to Harbor Freight and buy one, you need it!

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Ok thank you

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make sure the plastic battery terminal caps are off of the new battery.

Sounds silly, but I’ve seen it more than a couple times.