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1985 Chevrolet Camaro pulls left when wheel turns right

how to adjust tie rods when car pulls to left an steering wheel is turned to right

I can tell you how, but adjusting the tie rods won’t fix the problem.

The car leads left so you turn right to keep it on the road. Either the left camber is greater than the right side or the right caster is greater than the right.

The car needs an alignment or you will just wear out the front tires prematurely.

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The car needs to go in for a good look-see and an alignment. Trying to correct it yourself not only is highly unlikely to work, and even if it does it’s unlikely to end up properly aligned… and you may have a mechanical problem that needs correcting. You could even have a dragging brake shoe (sticky caliper).

Adjusting the tie rods it not necessarily going to fix this problem. Given the age I wonder about components such as worn ball joints, Pitman arm, Idler arm, drag link, and so on.

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You need to get the front end inspected, sounds like there might be worn or damaged parts. Get it fixed, then get it aligned.