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1985 Cadillac Seville

The local Caddy dealer has one of these on the showroom floor. It is like new. Not buying, but wondered if anyone has owned one of these or driven one. I remember it was a real attention grabber when new! Thanks

The styling was unique; the rest was very sub-par. It was Cadillac’s attempt to inject some “class” with the Rolls Royce-like bustleback.

A friend had one. To borrow someone else’s words, it drove like a barn going sideways through a windstorm. There were also some electrical problems and miserable gas mileage (not that everyone was worried in '85).

Are you still looking for a car? Gee, I thought you’d have bought something by now.

No, just admiring!

The dealer might keep it in his showroom, but they won’t let it in the service bays…

You bought the Allante, didn’t you, and not an UUUgly hunk of metal like this? This is Ersatz Cadillac; not at all like the Caddies prior to 1970 or the magnificent cars they build today. The CTS-V is still the fastest sedan on the planet.

A buddy of mine has a '79 Eldorado that shared the same platform. It’s a pretty nice machine-- it’s kind of neat having the generally boat-like layout (and the engine in the right way), but the advantages of front wheel drive.

The older fuel injected 350 motor the earlier Eldorados was a pretty sweet engine, but by the time the Seville joined the platform you only had the choice of the troublesome 8-6-4 motor or the noisy, smelly, slow Olds diesel. I’ve never had any experience with them, but from what I understand the 4.1 L engine they had by '85 was pretty underwhelming as well.

If you pull into a Caddy Dealership in an Allante, all you see are people running for cover…The '92 Allante’s have the sweet NorthStar engine, but not my '89…

“The CTS-V is still the fastest sedan on the planet.” But do they exist in the real world?? Or just in the pages of Motor Trend and Road & Track…

The 1985 4.1 was indeed a dog…The all aluminum 4.5 multiport injected (1989) corrected most of the problems of the earlier motor and in the lightweight aluminum bodied Allante, it’s 225hp could smoke the tires pulling away from a light…The Lotus designed 4 valve NorthStar (1992) can be tuned for enormous power if desired…