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Your Preference on these Models?

1985 Eldorado (Cadillac) or 1985 Seville (Cadillac)

The 85 Eldorado was the last of the “classic lines” body style for that car line, and the 85 Seville was the last “slant back” body style. Both cars are icons of 80’s automobiles. Your thoughts on these cars if you have owned, driven, ridden, or ever admired them are appreciated. Thanks!

Wow! Words “icon”, “classic lines”, and “style” are all illusive to cars of 80’s, I thought. But then, beauty is… If one must, I guess the last of the Big Caddy body type is something to behold. Slant back body style of Seville will probably challenge many future car magazine writers from finding a nimble and kind description.

I can’t believe you’re trashing cars of the 80’s! (examples above notwithstanding)

To theatreman: Have we given up on the Trans Am option?

Oh, c’mon,
An insult is only where it’s taken; much the way noise of falling tree is, if not for some one to hear…
An opinion is merely the deconstruction of its owner - a referendum on the taste and wit of the speaker, if you will.
Who didn’t like The Smokey and the Bandit? Who didn’t openly wish for that black hunk of metal bristling with almost-200 wild ponies under its hood? Who didn’t secretly desire the cool of Burt Reynold? Who, indeed…

Do you like FWD (Eldorado) or RWD (Seville)??

Well, neither one is going be reliable, nor cheap to operate, they are both going to be terrifically slow and handle like a pregnant yak. I don’t know if I would call them icons of the 80’s. Choose whichever one doesn’t have the aluminum 4.1L V8 as it was an appalling engine. If both cars have that engine then go for the El Dorado, if you’re going to choose the lesser of two evils, do it in style.

The Seville is disproportioned with that hacked-off rear end. The Eldorado looks better.

Or how about this 1986 Jaguar XJS…



holy no taste(and talk about repair bills and reliability.

ones own opinion of SUPER UGLY.

I would rather walk then be seen in that FAD machine.

shoes last longer than that english!

at least with the OEM wheels it would look much better on the!I can’t stop laughing!(SORRY) LMAO!

Sorry, crank, I forgot to include something for your “tastes”…

I like the Seville better. It has a distinctive look. The Eldorado looks like the Buick Riviera and Olds Toranado. The question is: Do you want 2 doors or 4?

Why not move up to a '89 or 90 Allante and have some FUN too…

An Allante is a shortened 2-seat Eldo with an aluminum Pinafarina body. The years I mentioned come with both a hardtop, also aluminum, and a ragtop. They sold new for $55K. You can find them on E-bay for MUCH less than that…

It’s just a matter of personally preference. The Eldorado is more “classic” than the Seville IMO, but I’m not a big fan of either car. My grandfather bought new Eldorados every year or two in the 60s when I was very young (they made me car-sick due to the ride, but they were much cooler than the 80s version). When I was in college, I had a summer job in a business that happened to be owned by a bunch of local wanna-be gangsters who liked to drive Sevilles (these clown made the guys on the sopranos look intelligent), so my image of the Seville is associated with a bunch of low-rent hoods from providence.

thank you!

thats better then the JAG.

not quite my taste but thanks again.

just too lazy to download a photo of an EVO ,smokin alot of cars,and jumping dead JAGS.

watch WRC.(GOOD T.V.)

but I would drive that with these gas prices.(EGOS are not a problem)

thanks BIG daddy. LMAO!

that was a great response(still rollin)



All I got out of that was “thank you big daddy”. And you’re welcome.