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1984 VW Vanago: battery light won't come on

I’ve got a 1984 VW Westfalia, 1.9L FI WC. I recently put in a new blower motor switch (I removed the instrument cluster to get at it), and now the Oxygen Sensor and battery (alternator) warning lights do not come on when I turn the ignition switch on. Usually these warning lights come on with the ignition switch, and go off when the engine starts. All other instrument-panel lights and switches are working. I checked all the wire connectors (I even have the Bentley service manual with wiring diagrams), and everything looks good. Any ideas?

I use to know the answer to that one. You should be able to find it in the book (How to Keep You VW Alive. If I remember correctly the same problem worked on the air cooled engines as well as the early water cooled Westfalia

Well, I just figured out what the problem was. It turned out that those two LEDs had blown. I’m not sure how it happened, as I unhooked the battery before I started working on the blower switch. Since the connectors were all hooked up right, I started testing the voltages. The LEDs were getting the right voltage, but not lighting up. I ran out to Radio Shack and picked up a couple of comparable LEDs, plugged them in, and all is well now.