Engine was Running-Turn on the Lights and Dead Van



I have a 94 G-20 Chevy van and I had it running warming up for about five minutes and I turned on the headlights and the van died. I had a new battery put in about three months ago. I put in a starter about six months ago. I checked all the fuses and they look fine. The lights won’t come on at all and the interior lights won’t come on too. The engine sounds like it wants to turn over but it doesn’t.


It sounds like the alternator isn’t charging. First, check the belt tension. Charge the battery and attempt to start it again. Post your results.


Since the starter is cranking the engine fast enough it means the battery still has sufficient charge to work the starter and so the lights should work also. Since the lights aren’t working and there may be other things like the ignition system also not working, you need to check that power is getting the fuses. A good fuse isn’t much help if power isn’t getting to it. Use a test light probe to make sure power is getting to the proper areas.