1984 Toyota Celica - Need help with suspension

Lousy ride when hits bumps although new shocks
Need mechanic who knows old Toyotas, in Brooklyn, ny

Why limit it to Brooklyn?
Any decent mechanic can work on an old Toyota, likely you need much more than new shocks. Ask the shop to test drive it.

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OP is welcome to try the “repair shops” link at top of this page. Best method to find a shop however – assuming nobody here chimes in with a shop name – is to ask friends, relatives, coworkers, fellow church-goers, etc who they use to repair their cars. From that list, interview the top candidates, then choose a shop that has a lot of experience working on Toyotas or at least Asian cars. Be sure to tell shop owner which of their customers recommended.

FYI, from what I’m seeing your car is configured w/ struts on the front, shock absorbers on the back. Also appears to have an electronic suspension option. Be sure to include a wheel alignment for affected wheels.

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I don’t see parts for that on Rockauto. Are you sure that was an '84 option?

And that is a waste of time as most of those are so old as to be worthless .


Did it used to ride well? Or did you recently buy this car?

And have you checked the tire pressure to make sure they’re not over-inflated? Are they the stock size? 185/70x14?

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No. …

And age of tires, they can get hard when old and other things…

I think your car is old. It has old age rattles. Can’t turn back the clock.

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