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1984 Fiero

I have an 1984 Fiero with a 2.5 L Iron Duke over an automatic and the distributor pig tail is bad I have been trying for a month to buy a new one but no one knows where to buy one Can you help?

PS I even looked at rebuilt distributors but they don?t have the wire included and if you had a good one in your old distributor and took it out to put in the rebuilt one it would no longer be watertight.

PPS this wire has two big plugs on the outside 1 goes to the coil and 1 goes to the wiring harness and rubber block that goes into the side of the distributor to make it watertight and plugs into the ignition module inside.

A bit of a long shot, but have you tried the dealer? They sold enough cars with the 2.5L engine (albiet a lot of them without distributors) that there still might be some parts sitting around on the shelves.

The other obvious answer would be a junkyard. Even if you can’t find the exact right part, if you go to a u-pull-it with a lot of old GM’s cluttering up the place you should probably be able to grab the right connectors to cobble one together. Alternatively, an auto electric shop (if there’s one where you live) might be able to make you a new one.

Get the GM part number for the wiring pig-tail. Many GM cars used this engine and that will be a common part once you know the part number…There will be a Fiero forum and somebody there will have a complete parts list for your car. When you have the part number, any GM dealers parts counter can do a nationwide search for the part…

If that fails, just make one using standard connectors for the harness end and wire the distributor directly and seal the hole with silicone…

Rockne, Have You You Tried The Fiero Store ?

Here’s a Fiero Club parts bulletinboard:


The distributor is not a watertight unit.