Pickups come out of time capsule

My father has 2 pickups that he purchased back in 1989 and for whatever reason stored them in a garage since that time?? He is now thinking about selling them and they each have about 2900 miles on them and are immaculate, just like they were driven off the showroom floor. One is a GMC and the other is a Dodge and they are just basic models. Where do you think he could get the best price?

Do they run? When was the last time the trucks were driven? If they are in decent running condition, he might sell them quickly. The mileage premium is not all that good on undesirable trucks. The S15 is definitely not a collector’s item. What Dodge is it?

Neither will have value beyond its value as a truck. Neither is a classic.

EBay supllemented by your local used car advertisement publications (like the ones in the grocery store) might be the best way to sell them.

In storage for 21 years? I bet these trucks start to leak all kinds of fluids once someone starts driving them. The seals, hoses, and belts are most likely dry-rotted. These truck also need tires. There’s a 10 year expiration date for safe use. These are not classics, so our stuck with market value.

www.kbb.com doesn’t go back to 1989, but for a 1990 in that condition, $2,800 apiece. If you can find a buyer willing to pay that. Most will want to haggle you down. And I don’t blame them. These will become basket cases once put on the road.

craigslist as parts vehicles. These will cost an arm, leg, and first born to get road worthy.

Belts and hoses need replaced
brakes are rusted
fuel tank is varnished
radiator needs flushed, if not replaced
throttle body probably needs cleaned
oil and transmission fluid needs changed
wires might need to be replaced if rodents got into the garage. And if the wires are chewed, you might have an infestation inside the trucks as it is

Yes, they run perfectly. He has changed all of the belts, etc. I’m not sure what the Dodge’s model is. And you are correct, they are not collector’s items, but they are sure unusual… Thanks for your answer.

Thank you so much for your reply–we will try Ebay.

Thank you for your answer. He has changed all the fluids, etc. and they are running perfectly. No evidence of rodents in the shop, so hopefully all is good. I appreciate your answers!

Put them back in the garage for another 21 years. Right now they aren’t worth anything, certainly nowhere close to what was paid for them. If you sell them now you’ll have made zero money on them and you never got any use out of them, a poor investment IMHO, but then again cars tend to be poor investments 95% of the time anyway.

I rent a storage unit for our camper. About 2 stalls down is a 1987 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette. I’ve met the owner…He drives it 2-3 times a year…MAYBE 10 miles each time. Car has less then 1000 miles on it. Does all maintenance (fluids, belts, brakes…etc).

I have no idea how much it’s worth…but he’s keeping it to sell in about 5 years.

Does your father have any kids or grandkids graduating from college soon? These would make nice graduation gifts.

With ultra low miles, it’s worth around $40k right now, Maybe more to a collector.

They are worth more to some individuals, however the majority of folks would avoid these trucks.

You could always try an ebay auction and set your reserve at the least amount of money you would want for them.

That’s a good idea!

Thank you-we might try that.

He only paid around $6,000 and they get great gas mileage. I don’t think they were an investment purchase–he is a bit eccentric and with the price of vehicles nowadays, I wondered if he might be able to get something close to what he paid??