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1982 Toyota Diesel Pickup

Hi, was wondering if anybody knew installing an electric fuel pump between the fuel filter and the injection pump on a Toyota Diesel would cause any kind of a problem, such as too much pressure to the pump? Thanks1

What is it you are trying to accomplish? This sounds like part of a WVO hack.

The system is already high pressure so I can’t see how there would be too much pressure. Where are you? I want to stay at least 100’ away.

It’s an interesting concept. Install an electric fuel pump to prime the system if you should happen to run out of fuel which can be a problem with a diesel. If the pump has a regulator, it could be set at a very low pressure such as 10 psi. Are you sure that your diesel doesn’t already have a manual primer pump for this? Some do but VWs do not, Chevette diesels did; don’t know about Toyotas small diesels that came and went.

Some may confuse a low pressure fuel pump with the in-tank high pressure pumps required for gasoline vehicles with fuel injection.

Your idea is worth some investigation. If such a pump has low resistance to fuel flow unpowered, it could be left unpowered until needed and hang on to your diesel; you will need it more than ever as fuel prices rise.

Thanks, yeah the manual pump is a pain when you run out of fuel, just thinking.