1982 Fiat fuel filter

The fuel filter is between the fuel pump and the engine. I read a notice that fuel pumps are very sensitive and most pumps that quit because of bad fuel. The pumps are expensive to replace. Is there any reason why I can’t put a filter between the gas tank and the fuel pump also and have 2 filters. My boat motor has 2 filters before the fuel pump.

There should be a filter inside the tank inlet, but I suppose an inline filter before the pump can’t hurt, unless it causes fuel starvation. It’s worth a try.

I can understand you wanting to protect the fuel pump since they’re around $300 if I recall correctly. However, I should say that many fuel pumps are damaged not so much from bad fuel (typical amount anyway) but from being starved of fuel. I imagine Fiat took the precaution of mounting the filter between the engine and pump because it’s better to protect the pump when the filter gets clogged then the other way around.

As for adding another filter…Hmm…Does this car already have a fuel sock in the gas tank? You may want to call a Fiat-specific expert out there just to get an opinion on this and if there’s any downside in their experience to this modification. Personally, I may be more comfortable just keeping the tank well topped off than introducing another restriciton. I know these folks were recommended to me as Fiat experts, but I have not dealt with them personally: http://www.funimported.com/