Stalling Nissan Altima



I have a 2005 Nissan Altima that will stall sometimes at a light or taking off from a light. Avoiding certain brands of low-price gas seems to help, but not comepletely. I would like to simply replace the fuel filter, but it’s mounted on top of the gas tank. I can reach if if I remove the rear seat, but I can’t buy a spare filter because it’s only sold with the fuel pump – for $300. Suggestions?


Someone must sell an aftermarket fuel filter for your vehicle.

Nobody in their right mind is going to replace the fuel pump when all they need is a fuel filter.


I’m also curious if anyone else has experienced this problem with a Nissan Altima, especially in this model year. I now know that this has happened with previous years, before before the car was redesigned. Even though it’s only an occassional aggravation, this car’s stalling problem seems to recur despite having replaced a fuel sensor and using a fuel additive.


This car is nearly new, and should not need a new fuel filter at this time. I think the problem is something else. Has a mechanic tried to diagnose the problem?


You should not need a fuel additive. Additives do nothing for mechanical or electrical problems.


if all u need is a fuel filter do not mess with the fuel pump besides your car is to new to be the fuel pump the fuel filter on your car is located in 2 spots one on the side wall twards the back and one under the hood now if your fuel filter on the fuel pump is cloged up just put a bottle of fuel cleaner in ther and it will run fine if not just by a new strainer its only 20$dollars


its not your fuel pump its either your strainer located on the fuel pump or one of your fuel filters one is located on your side wall near the rear of the car and one under the hood but its not your fuel pump have u tryed puting a good brand name bottle of fuel cleaner in there?


There’s more to the story, it seems. If the car hasn’t run very long – only a few minutes or less than a mile in-town driving – and I stop anywhere to run a quick errand, the car won’t start right up after I get back in it. Whether I sit and turn the key like a madman or get out and take a walk first, it usually takes a good 3-5 minutes before the engine will sputter and then turn over. My car had 19,500 miles on it wen I bought it, and it was a very young car when I got it, so I wander if it was broken in on highway driving and my problem is that I drive it in-city too much. Perhaps a few highway trips will keep it “blown out?”


Oh, and to answer one question, I have put a good bottle of fuel cleaner in the tank. It’s helped, but the problem has returned within a couple of fill-ups. I’ve not been able to keep the tank topped off for a while. It usually runs at half or less than half full, and once I get below a quarter tank, I refuel, but only to three quarters at best. It seems whenever I fill it up after a long time, I have the stalling or restart problem. Could I be stirring up sediment in the tank, or be experiencing vapor-lock?