1982 crossfire intake

i have a 1983 chevy camaro with a crossfire manifold. i polished the tbians

restored the manifold to orignal finish,and had the steel replated. how

much is this intake worth based priced with no work done to it? i have seen

drity intakes with no tbis for 250-300.00. what do you think i should ask

for this one? thank you chris carb.

That’s going to be hard to determine and it’s going to be based strictly on how bad someone wants a certain item at a certain time.

Here’s one on eBay. Follow it to the end of auction and see what happens with it.
A local salvage yard here has one that has been hanging on the wall for about 6 or 7 years now with no takers. This one has both TBI units on it and is priced at 275 dollars. I’ve considered buying it for modification to a cross-ram carburetor setup, but so far just have too many irons in the fire to open up another can of worms.