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Air conditoning

i just recently bought a 1980 camaro, it had a 6cyl oringinally now has a v8 most of the air parts are there,but there is a black box next to the firewall that has been damaged and it is part of the air, what is it called

Should be the evaporator/blower case.

is that an expensive item either way i have to have air for our new hot rod

Try to find one on eBay or Craigslist. Some aftermarket companies like Year One can probably provide a part like this but they’re bordering on obscene price-wise.

(Got a 79 Z-28 here and speaking from experience. That knick-knack plastic stuff on the second generation Camaros can run you into the poorhouse real quick.)

You could also do a net search for “American Camaro and Firebird” in Oklahoma City, OK. That is all they do there and they have a number of used parts. They’re a bit high at times and reasonable at others. When my son got his 88 Camaro door-punched at college a few years ago they sold us an immaculate door in the same color for a 100 bucks; electric windows and all. Saved a lot of body/paint work and I thought the price was very fair as the local Chevy dealer was getting 1100 bucks just for a doorskin.

thankyou very much i’ll try that the car over all is in good shape on small rust on the drivers door the guy i got it from saturday did all the body work and has very little bondo he used it on the deep scratches but my neibor does body work but mine is on the burner while they finish dads 32 coupe thanks again