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I purchased a 98 Chevy v6 Camaro almost a year ago now. The private party who owned the car were the second owners whom seemed to keep it in pristine shape. The differential went within the first few months,now theirs a rear main seal leak, a short or a bad ground preventing my signal lights from working, front struts and rear shocks are going, the flow master exhaust system welds are coming apart leaving the muffler swaying from side to side. I’ve done minor temperary repairs but not sure if I should spend the money to fix. Like the car but I feel i’m throwing money at it just to keep it going.

By the way Kringer is it’s name, after He-Mans Cat (Battle Cat).

I like those Camaros, so I hate to tell you not to keep it, but there are SO many of them out there, many of them have low miles and are in better shape than the one that you have now. If you go out and buy a nice '98 V6 for 4000 bucks, you will probably be better off than you would be fixing what you have now. :frowning:

You got to remember a 12yr old car will have things that need fixed.
Take it to a trusted shop and have them go over it, if it checks out ok keep it.

Next comes the fuel pump,but then you could fix the exaust and the rear shocks at the same time as they must come down to get the tank out.

One of the tougher cars to pull the engine on,I lowered the sub frame to do the one I did.

I bet you know something I don’t yet. Have you had trouble with the fuel tank? Mine at this point in time seems pretty good and gets pretty decent milage on a full tank. Do you have a camaro? Anything, I should keep an eye on.


No I did not have that body style Camaro (F-body).I worked for Chevrolet in those years.GM had/has a weak fuel pump and your car is in the affected group,changed quite a few,your car is one of the hardest because you must drop the axel,shocks,exaust,very time consuming.It’s not the tank it’s the pump,and the pump is in the tank,with the fuel gague sending unit.It is quite a wresteling match to get the tank out/in.

Paper and debris like to get in that space in front of the radiator,overheats,your window requlators are very hard to change (you can change just the motor if you cut the inner part of the door,fiberglass)

Has all that black goo oozed out of your rear glass gasket,happens all the time,moderate amount of trouble with remotes and difficult to program BCM after replacement.

Hard car (at least for me)to put alarms in hard to access door lock wires,different locking technique than most GM’s.

If you ever have to take the door panels off they lift straight up,do not pull them towards you ,you will break the hangers (happens all the time).

It is hard on a persons back to work in the engine compartment (is it bad for you?)