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1981 Toyota Cressida - 30k miles only

Alright gang, how much do you think I should ask for this car? Planning to put up on Boulder craigslist next week sometime… 1 owner and in amazing condition. This Toy is the 4-door sedan version of the Cressida; has no dings, no scratches, paint still looks good, just dropped a new battery in it and changed up the spark plugs. Thoughts?

Officially, your car is antique. I would sell it that way. I doubt that it would fetch much to the daily driver crowd. It’s a clunker in their eyes.

Unfortunately, it is not really a desirable antique and that will hold back value. Try looking at Toyota clubs on line and see if there are any for sale. You might also check eBay Motors. I looked at Hemmings Motor News and there are only 25 Toyotas for sale; none are a Cressida.

I would not cheap out and use craigslist for this. I would recommend ebay. Even though you have to pay a commission at ebay, you normally will get closer to its real value as people will bid against each other. Craigslist is not an auction.

I saw a similar situation breakout on ebay awhile ago. A mid 80’s (84 I think) very low mileage, mint condition tercel 4wd wagon which the seller would have been lucky to get $3800 on craigslist went for over $12,000 on ebay.