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I need some advice!

3 years ago, 2006, while I was looking for a car for a new 16 year old driver, my neighbor told me about a 1990 Toyota Celica GT for sale. The seller who had m.s., had recently died, I had not driven the car often. I took a look at it. It is gorgeous; mint condition, 28,211 original miles. There was no way I was buying this for my 16 year old daughter to destroy or for that matter, anyone else. Anyway I put it in a friend’s heated garage and I currently pay a monthly rental to her. Anyway, she has her home on the market now. I need to soon remove the car. I don’t want to pay storage on it any longer; and I currently don’t have a garage to keep it in. The estate sold the car to me for the Kelley Blue Book Value of $2,500. I have seen the same car on line with mileage over 200,00 miles going for more than what I paid. I really could use the extra money; if I ask more than $2,500 to help pay off some bills. What do you think would be a good price?

Do a vehicle research here. Click on the link at the left.

You won’t get a very close answer as there are way too many variables involved and you haven’t posted near enough descriptive info.

Kelly says from $3k to $5k depending…

I second Roadrunner about there being too many variables to gauge what it will sell for. It will have to be a meeting of the minds.

Low mileage creampuff or not, the car is still 20 years old. This means that rubber parts (belts, tires, etc) along with things like fluids, various engine/transmission seals, etc. are aged and subject to fail at any time.

Things like this would make me a bit antsy about wanting to give that much for it but like I said, the right buyer might.

One of my best friends is a mechanic for Ford and has checked the car from bumper to bumper and it is in excellent condition. Yes I know it is almost 20 years old. You would be very impressed with the condition of this car. I have every receipt that this car has had. There was an ad in the Kansas City Star for the same car but with 98,000 miles for $4,600.00.

Have you been driving the car? The only problem I see is if it’s been sitting in a garage for 3 years without being driven. On Ebay a Celica turbo GT-S with 41,000 miles only got bid up to $5,500, so your car would probably be worth less than that.