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1981 land rover series iii diesel - i need help

I live right outside Philadelphia and own a 1981 Land Rover Series III. It has been at my mechanic’s shop for almost 2 years and still needs: Some metal work, electrical, and engine work. Looking for someone who can get my truck back on the road. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks. da

I’d find a Land Rover forum and ask there, I’d also look for local Land Rover and British car clubs. This is an EXTREMELY rare vehicle, what with the diesel.

How big is your wallet?
It sounds like you’re just trying to get it running again, but in addition to parts costing an arm and a leg you’re extrememly likely to discover that once you get the rot patched, the engine running, and the wiring harnesses spliced, you’ll need to begin working on the brake system, the fuel system, the suspension, and everything else.

What’s the reason for your current mechanic where the vehicle is located not getting it back on the road?