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New Engine for Land Rover Discovery II?

Our 2004 LR Discovery II 4.6l with just 51,000 miles has been diagnosed with a blown oil pump which disintegrated in bits into the engine. We are advised we need a new engine. Should we go for a whole new one from Bosch, or a new “short block”, or a whole or short-block “reman”? Our friend mechanic (not LR!) says to go for the new short block, with new lifters etc. Seems like the cheaper/better option given that a reman might get the same problems sooner rather than later. But now we are wondering whether we should insist that he puts in new pistons too? Incidentally, have you seen all the scary stories on line about these engine problems with the Discovery?! unfortuantely we are not alone!

Looking forward to hearing from you - and many thanks in anticipation.

Why keep shoveling money into this POS??? Time to cut your losses, smarten up and move on…

“For Sale. 2004 Land Rover. Blown Engine (maybe) Best Cash Offer”. Call 000-000-0000 after 6pm.

The short block should be new all the way. That normally means pistons, rings, rods, bearings, crank and camshaft, timing chain, and lifter bores. You add rebuilt heads with new or recut valves, valve guides and seals, rebuilt rocker assembly, new lifters, new oil pump, and gaskets for every thing. It is a big deal I know but the repair from a new short block sounds ok given the issues the original block had with bad piston sleeves, even though that was not your case.

I agree with Caddyman. You will spend a bunch of money to get it running, then something else major will fail, big money yet again. They’re infamous for it.

Sorry for your loss. I’m surprised anybody buys Land Rovers, they have an awful reputation and are major expensive to repair.

See what you can get for it as is. Then see what it is worth with the cheapest fix, which is a salvage engine if you can find one. If you decide to fix it; sell it as soon as you get it running.

If you plan to keep it, get the new engine. If you want ot sell it quick, put the cheapest engine in it; probably the remanufactured one, and sell it fast. If you don’t mind waiting for someone to buy it as is, sell it that way.