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Land Rover Series IIa 1965/1970

I have a Land Rover Series IIa pick-up rhd and a diesel. Body is great. Who could I donate this truck to.

Where do you live?
try putting in search donate car,nc or state you are in.the , is important.
Maybe someone else has a better way?

Man I wish I had seen this before.
You can donate it to me, I am a Rover enthusiast and I would love to have this truck, running or not.

See if you can find a British or Rover car club, raffle it off for charity. Or sell it (for cash) on Craigslist, donate the money to charity.

Sell it and put in the add, half the money will go to charity of your choice and the other will go to buyers charity choice.
Advertise heavly and take costs out of selling price and be proud of the good you did!

Or you could donate it to a local technology high school with an automotive program.