1980's Camaro Air Induction

In the 80’s, Camaro had these Air Induction systems. I know the principals of cowl induction, which this was one of. I’m simply not sure what the little doors that opened with the low engine vacuum were for. (remember when you would floor these cars, the little doors would open in the back of the cowl air induction.) Were they only there to stop rain and debris from entering when not in use, or was there a more technical reason for having these there?


cowl induction is used because there is a great amount of air pressure at the base of the windshield. this pressure activates those butterflys, letting more air in.

why they close is just so the engine doesnt run too lean. its sort of a self correcting thing. needs air, open. idle, closed.

Another reason they close it to let the intake air take the normal route through the snorkel, which for a cold engine include the path by the exhaust manifold, for quicker warmup and lower emissions.

Carbureted Cameros of this area were pathetic. A little show but no go…