2013 Chevrolet Camaro suddenly doesn’t blow cold air

my 2013 Chevy camaro all of a sudden not blowing cold air and if it does it blows only thru passenger side from the center to the left which is driver side super warm air but passenger side medium cold not to cold hopefully its not the blendoor acuator because my son has the same going ton with hes camaro as well so i dont know if its going to be a recall on this because ive heard that some 2013-2016 camaros are having this problem please help thanks have a great day

Why? Not an uncommon with nearly any vehicle. Some are easy to get to and replace, some are a real pain. Just take it in to a mechanic and have them diagnose and repair.

Why hasn’t your son had his repaired?

If you feel cold air coming out of any vent anywhere in the vehicle then that means the A/C system itself is still functioning. It seems you are having issues with where this A/C is being directed and that is a different job for the vehicle entirely. It will have to do with the blend door and its controls…there are electric motors, the airflow selector knob on the dash and other parts that involved in the process of directing airflow around in the cabin.

With your ignition all the way on…and engine not running…blower motor on the lowest or slowest speed, radio off, door closed…You are trying to make it nice and quiet inside the cabin. Move the flow selector knob from one extreme to the other and or all around…Hopefull you will be able to hear the blend door motor working and trying to move the blend door. Move the selector knob to various places to try and hear movement and find out what is happening.

You may find that in one position you hear clicking or grinding of plastic gears…or you may hear something that doesn’t sound right… This will be something related to the motor that moves the blend door its gear reduction, or its linkages. Sometimes when children are in the mix…they like to bestow the vehicle with little “gifts” down the “gift deposit receptacle”…and they insert these presents into the vent openings of the dash. Pen caps, candy, gum, coins… the gift option list is long, so there may be a physical obstruction preventing the movement of one of the blend doors. You need to investigate using the method I just outlined.

Often times you can remove your glove box to actually witness the movement of these door and linkages etc…this is usually where you can gain access to the parts involved in this airflow business. Depends how it was set up in that vehicle.

It may help you to also look up “Blend Door Motor” for your year make n model on the internet. Or search for known issues related to the airflow selector for this particular vehicle etc…

Good luck and let us know what you find out.

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To add to the above,make sure the cabin air filter is clean.

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I had this same issue with my 2013 Camaro. I found out my Shrader valve on the high pressure side was leaking. So I went out and replaced both the high and low pressure valves then recharged the system. Haven’t had the issue since.