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1980 toyota pickup

trying to find a tube front bumper brush guard for my 1980 Toyota SR5 2 wheel drive…tom

Generally the best way to do it is to find a local welding shop or 4x4 shop that can make them. Any half-decent welder who has a tube bender should be able to make you one pretty easily. If you can’t find a decent shop in your area, the thing to do is head for toyota truck specific forums and ask around-- a lot of those forums will have enthusiasts who also fabricate stuff as a side business or will at least know which companies make good stuff and are fair.

With big stuff like bumpers, though, the trouble is that the shipping will often cost more than the actual piece will which is why having it fabricated locally is usually the preferable option, especially with something simple like a tube bumper.

Craigslist, man, Craigslist. There are so many aftermarket pieces that have been made for these trucks, pieces like that come up all the time.

thanks that is a good idea make my own…TJBC