Need Toyota oil pan


Help, need oil pan for 1985 Toyota 4x4 PU turbo-diesel VIN JT4LN68DXF5002021. It is not the same as the 2WD. Have tried national chains and Toyota itself for months, no luck. Will accept new or decent used. Any ideas?


Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a place but have you considered a salvage yard lookup system? The yard may not have one but many yards are connected to a search system like Eden and one may pop up during a search.

Is the pan that bad? Unless it’s totally crushed many of them can be beaten back into some sort of shape and any cracks can be brazed shut.


Try for junkyard inventory.


This is the rust/salt belt here; the pan is nothing but very large flakes of rust and is very porous. Toast. You don’t dare even touch it. Not driveable…won’t hold oil. I have tried salvage yards up the wazoo…no luck. Haven’t tried Hoping a yard somewhere in the midwest or S Dakota or something has this vehicle…not all these places are subscribed to a national service. There is a huge yard in SD with at least 5000 dry rust-free cars but they are not useful on the phone. seems you have to show up.