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1979 Lincoln Continental - Sat for 4.5 years

My car sat for 4.5 years on display, but I did put gas stabalizer in with less than a 1/4 tank of gas. Do I need to replace the gas tank? Isn’t that cheaper than rebuilding the carb?

The only why to tell is remove the gas tank and inspect it.


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You may want to have the inside of the gas tank inspected for rust.

If you are going to do the labor, and you can afford a replacement tank, it sure is a lot easier than cleaning out the old one. But, if not then do check for rust (possible with a tank only 1/4 full) and if you duck that bullet there is probably lots of varnish in there. I would get rid of the old gas responsibly, put in 5 gallons of E85 fuel, slosh it around every so often for a couple of days, and then get rid of the E85 the same way. It dissolves varnish very well.

Or, bring the gas tank to a radiator shop and have them boil the tank out?



So find a guy with a boroscope. That is a camera on a long skinny stiff tube. Take a look in the tank for rust. If it has none, you are probably OK to put a full tank of fresh gas in after draining the 1/4 left inside.

If you see rust, drop the tank and have it boiled out.

As for the carb rebuild. I’d do it anyway after you run a tank of gas through it. The E10 gas we have today will probably ruin the old dry gaskets and diaphragms in the carb in short order.

I bet it’s time for new tires.

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? I don’t get the relationship. If gas sat in the tank and carb, they may both be compromised. I would drain the tank, put in fresh gas and a new fuel filter. If the tank is rusty, you find out soon enough. The filter will trap it so no harm being done. I’ve had cars sitting longer than that and still have the same tank. However, the carbs definitely needed to be disassembled and cleaned. That is the more likely scenario in my estimation…FWIW, cleaning carbs is a lot cheaper and easier than replacing a gas tank…

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You might want to drain the tank, chances are the fuel has gone stale. Can check it for rust st the same time