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Ruff Idle

Bought a car that has been sitting for 10 Months. Starts up really easy, idles ruff. Should I drive it to clear it out? or ? 1996 Lincoln Towncar left in great shape just over 100,000 miles.

How much gas was left in it when it was parked/garaged/stored? If it was less than 1/4 tank, I’d fill it with fresh gas and try taking it for a drive. While I rarely suggest additives, a bottle of injector cleaner added to the tank just might do the trick in this case.

But be sure the brakes and chassis are safe before doing this. Check all the fluids, cheek for signs of any leaks, and start with a short, very slow drive to test the brakes and the steering. If it seems okay, get it to a shop for a thorough checkup. Seals are rubber and deteriorate with time, and all the fluids including the brake fluid, steering fluid, oil, and coolant are held in with rubber seals. Remember that if the car won’t run right you’ll be left without a ride, but if it won’t stop you may leave your children without a father and your parents without a son.

Safety systems are the most important. Get those checked out first, then get the car running right.

first thing is due a general inspection to include checking for broken or leaking vacuum hoses. Next check plugs and filters and fluids. Next if everything checks out ok, add fuel cleaner to tank and drive it for several miles to see if that clears it.

old gas

Ruff idle ?
must be one of those DOG driven Subarus. :wink:

Old gas…
been there, done that.
I am the original owner of my 79 Chevy pickup. these days it’s the third vehicle for two drivers so it stays parked a lot…a LOT.
Years ago I proved out the old gas theory and since then I keep it treated with Staybil.


If you don’t know the maintenance history, here’s my starting point

Fill up the tank with fresh gasoline
Fuel filter
Oil and filter change
Transmission fluid and filter service . . . no flush
Coolant drain and refill
Spark plugs . . . you’re due by mileage and time
Have the alternator and battery tested . . . if the battery’s more than 4 years old, replace it

Have somebody go over the car with a fine-toothed comb. Rack it, remove all the wheels, check the brakes, steering, suspension, engine, exhaust, etc. The guy also needs to spend some time driving the car (including on the freeway) to get a feel for it.

As for the rough idle, it could be a bad idle air control valve, vacuum leaks, etc.

Does the check engine light remain on when the car is idling?

Thank you everyone! Alot of great tips here! Very much appreciated!