2001 Lincoln Town Car - Is propane the answer here?

I bought a Lincoln last year and it has been sitting with a full tank of gas so 3 months ago I added seafoam to the tank and have been starting it up three times a week to run for a half hour to keep oil on the cylinder walls and keep the battery charged but today when I came out to turn it off it was off so I fired it up and I would barely stay running regardless of how I operated the throttle my buddy says there’s probably some condensation in the tank to get some dry gas or 99.9% isopropyl alcohol but you can’t find because of covid-19 so I’m wondering if I could crack open a propane tank and let the hoes be near (in)the air filter intake if I could run it that way without blowing myself up hahaha long enough to get rid of the water which is probably at the bottom of the tank near the fuel pickup

If that was a vehicle I planned to keep, I’d ask a mechanic to siphon out the old fuel and change the fuel filter. Maybe one of the mechanics has better advice. (ps - the auto parts store will have a product that does exactly what you want the alcohol to do).

Gasoline has 10 percent alcohol already in it. If you have been adding fuel as you’ve running the car the water is already gone.

If you run the tank empty you likely sucked a bunch of trash from the tank into the fuel filter and maybe damaged the pump.

If there is still fuel in the tank, put 5 gallons of fresh fuel and and try to start it.

If it doean’t start, you have another problem to find. Gummed up fuel system would be my first guess.

And leave the propane out of this.

Agreed on leaving propane out of this deal. Good lord.

I’d also suggest putting a few gallons of fresh gas into the tank and trying to start it.

If that doesn’t work or improve things, you’ve probably got either stale gas or too much stale gas in the system gumming things up.

Seafoam is a fuel stabilizer which contains isopropyl alcohol to prevent E10 gasoline from phase separating.

So, if there were a problem with the gas, it would have shown up the other times you started the engine and let it idle.

The problem lies elsewhere.