1978 Datsun 280Z

I have a blue 1978 Datsun 280Z that doesnt work. Ive replaced the battery and have cleaned the positive and negitive cables. I went to start the car and it didnt cranck but it sounded like it wanted to. It just didn’t turn over. So I tried to jump start it and it started but only for a few seconds, any ideas on what is the issue?

Has it been sitting for a long time? Have you tried turning the engine over by hand?

It has been sitting all winter. How do I turn it over by hand?

Did it stop running while the jumper cables were still connected? If it did, it seems like a fuel problem. How many time did you get it to run? You should get it to run several times before deciding there is a problem. The fuel pump may have lost its prime; then, it would take several starts for it to get its prime. Let us know.

I would make sure you have a fully charged battery. Then if the starter works like it should try spraying starter fluid into the intake and see if that helps get it going.

Could be bad cables to starter and or a bad ground. Get a repair manual and follow the trouble shooting guide. If I read correctly the engine is not rotating

Well it was running last summer and then sat for the winter. I tried starting it a dozen times or so over the last 2 days and still nothing so I’ve ruled out the fuel pump.

The first thing I did was hook the battery up to a Battery Charger and let it do its thing. Tried to start it and nothing except clicking.

That was the seccond or third thing I did was take off the cables and clean them vigorously. I replaced the negitive terminal clamp and cleaned the positive one, there was a lot of corrosion on them both, but nothing some elbow grease and some steel wool cant fix. I’ve also been looking into getting a repair manual but they all have to be shipped to where I live. :’(

You need a voltmeter.

Check the battery terminals with your charger installed and running. Check the TERMINALS, not the charger or car cables. You should read over 13 volts. Then, after the battery is fully charged remove the charger and read the battery voltage again. It should still read over 12 volts. Then try to start the engine. If it doesn’t start read the battery voltage again, while trying to crank the engine. If it drops substantially you need a battery.

Awesome I’ll Try that and get back on the results