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1982 Datsun 280ZXT not starting

The engine turns over, but intermittently(90%)will not start-up. Into my second “Z-expert” and almost $2,000 in charges. Recent tune-up, new battery, new cables/terminals and ignition cables. Fuel pump pressure test and filters strong and clear. When it starts-runs great. After engine warms, it is less likely to start again, what should I do next?

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If it’s assumed that by not starting you mean the engine cranks over but will simply not fire up, then it really needs to be determined what is missing when this occurs; lack of fuel pressure or lack of spark.

Some possible causes, and assuming the fuel pump is not intermittent, could be the ignition switch, distributor, or a fusible link end.

Regarding the fusible links, open the underhood box that houses these (they look like short lengths of heavy wire) and check the ends VERY closely. Any corrosion or a break in the wire can very well cause this problem. I saw this several times when I worked for Nissan.

Matter of fact, a few years ago I ran across a guy standing on the side of the road with his Z. He told me that over the past year the shop had replaced the battery twice, the alternator twice, the starter once, all of the fuses, new battery cables, ignition switch, etc. and still the car would go bellyup on him all of the time.

I removed the cover and sure enough; one of the ends on the link that supplies current for most of the electrics was badly corroded. Since I always carry a tool kit and a few supplies I rigged him up a short heavy wire as a stopgap measure to get him home. I did not accept any offered payment but he wanted my contact info and later on he let me know the car never acted up again.

I do mean that the engine cranks over, but will not fire up. I will check the underhood fuse box next. Thanks for the great suggestion.

Check the basics…

Spark getting to the plugs???

Gas getting into the cylinders???

Compression check???