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1999 Pontiac GrandPrix Not starting

Hello, I’ve replaced the battery and starter, but it is not rolling over. All I get is a click like the starter gear is engaging, but no spinning of the engine at all. Oil is good.

Check Both Ends Of Both Battery Cables

Check to be sure that cables are clean, free of corrosion, and not loose.

How’s the “ground” from the battery to the engine? You could try using a jumper cable and “jumping” from the negative (-) battery post to a clean spot on the engine. This way if there is a “ground” problem, you will temporarily create a good ground. Are you sure the “new” battery is fully charged?

Has this happened before or is this the only time it has failed to turn over?

Has it ever cranked over after the battery and starter were replaced?

What happened just before this when the car was parked? Was everything working just fine until the next time you attempted to start it? Was there some kind of problem or indication that something was going wrong?

Any lights on or gauges reading out of the ordinary? Is the serpentine or accessory belt that drives the alternator tight enough?

Is the engine free to rotate? Can you turn the crankshaft using the harmonic balancer bolt? What is voltage at the starter (heavy terminal) when the key is turned to the start position?

A little more information will help us help you.

Good news, After I turned the engine over with the harmonic balancer bolt a few times, the car started. Then I found another issue. The serpentine belt had snapped, and I have found that the pully on the a/c compressor is frozen.

I reinstalled a new serp belt, but the pully on the a/c compressor is not turning. Is my only solution to replace the compressor?


It may be that the clutch on the front of the compressor (right behind the pulley) has locked up. There should be an eletrical connector on the clutch. Disconnect it and see if you can turn the pulley. If so, the compressor has locked up and you will need a new compressor. If you can’t turn the pulley when the power is disconnected, the pully clutch is locked. You shouldn’t have to replace the compressor to replace the clutch.

I removed the compressor and installed a by-pass pully. Car started and ran fine. I probably didn’t need the starter, but had already installed the new one. Also required a new serp belt.

Pully was locked tight, it may be best to have the compressor repaired?