1978 cadillac door strap connection

I recently obtained my Aunt and Uncles 78 Cadillac with 32,000 miles on it. They passed with in a few months of each other and I was offered the car during the settling of thier estate. The door strap that you pull on the passenger side has pulled loose. Does anyone know if I can pull the cap off the strap stretcher and get to the nut to tighten that inside the door?

You may have to remove the door panel to access this.

Hopefully Caddyman will see your post cause he’ll have your answer.

If you’re planning to keep the car, I suggest purchasing a Haynes service manual. These manuals are not expensive and contain LOADS of valuable information about caring for and repairing the vehicle. I’m sure a Haynes manual will show you how to repair or replace the door pull strap, as well as just about anything else you might want to attempt.

IIRC the cover slides off and has a phillips head or 2 under it. Mind you the last '78 I worked on was my Dad’s Fleetwood Brougham, the upgrade of the Sedan Deville. I was 10 y/o and more of a tool holder LOL. I do miss those old one’s, I can still feel the boat like handling of Gramps’s 1969 hardtop sedan…

if your local store has a book for 1978 cady they don,t sell many items.