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79 caddy phaeton


I live in new orleans & now have the family car. Soo! cool! but how do I finda mechanic I can trust?..It it’s been garaged in detriot since my grandfather bought it, & I just had it shipped down here. I love this car, & want to treat it right. Any advice? how do I even get it properly insured? It’s really in increadably good shape, still have the origanal 8-track that came with it! ( yeah, it still plays)


That’s a neat car, but frankly it’s not the most complicated car out there and really any decent independent mechanic should have no trouble with it. There’s not really any mechanical reason for someone to be a Cadillac specialist since mechanically they’re generally pretty similar to any other large GM sedan. I know of exactly one dedicated Cadillac mechanic, and he’s definitely only a Cadillac specialist because he’s an eccentric. An older mechanic might be a bit more familiar with cars of this vintage, so that might be what to look for.

As for the insurance, you can look up the book value of the thing at under the classics or luxury car guide, but chances are the value of this car is not enough to justify getting anything more than liability insurance on it. It’s a neat car, but it is not really a classic at this point by any tangible measure other than age.

Kehoe Automotive at 5000 Freret St.

I think your chances of getting decent service on a car that old are slim to none. You should probably look for some gullible soul to pawn it off on right away, while it’s still in incredibly good shape.


What’s your offer, Barry?

FYI, I think the chief at Kehoe has worked on piston engines in tractors to airplanes. Unless the Caddy has a turbine engine he can probably handle it.

The engine in a 79 Caddy works the same way as an engine in an 09 Caddy. The only difference is the amount of garbage attached to it.
There should be no problem in servicing this car and insurance should not be a big deal at all.

For what it’s worth, I’ve still got a good 8 track and a stack of Creedence tapes.