2000 astro van w/ broken rear door handle


I have a 2000 astro van with a broken door mechanism on the rear left door. I got an “exploded” parts diagram faxed to me from a local dealer but it is illegible. Is there a place online that would have this? I tried googling and the chevy official site but no joy on either.



You can try autozone.com, which has some repair guides, though this van might be too new. Your public library’s website might also have them. The trouble is that the hardest part on this job is taking the door panel apart and the door panels change from year to year, so the service manual might not show your exact vehicle, but the diagram of the latch mechanism should be similar.


Exactly what “door mechanism” are you speaking. What is the concern hard to open,hard to close, rattels whats up? If your looking for seperate parts for the release mechanism not to be found. Do you need a part or are you trying to figure out how to put the mechanism back in the door? Is your concern with the check strap? (keeps door from opening to far) I think maybe the outside handle can be replaced and the striker can be replaced. Did some linkages fall off and your trying to re-assemble?


Yep, I know I can buy a repair manual but chances are slim it will have the exact mechanism [inside the door assembly that pushes two rods up & down simultaneously has crumbled] as is in the fax. I am trying not to drive all over town and was thinking that somewhere in the internet ethers must be the same diagram I was faxed but legible [and that someone here would know instantaneously]

I have no problem getting to the parts in the door, I have done it before. All it takes is removing panels, some swearing and a few cut fingers. I used a magnet to fish out the broken parts, one is a spring but I want to know what exactly to order and call to make sure the parts are there.

I will try just calling autozone etc I guess but I hate asking about a “thingamajig on the door that is busted”.

thanks for the replys.


Very unlikely you will find a source of parts to repair the release mechanism. Very unlikely you will find a good enough exploded diagram to show you where all the springs and such go. These parts are just not ment to be repaired,if this part failed and the back doors flew open,well things could get bad even if it wasnt a person falling out ,just a 5 gallon bucket of whatever. Really just replace the release with new or a good used part dont try and repair it IMHO