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1976 gmc 1,000

I see this post on craiglist and then I see this other post talking trash about the prev post. I will cut/paste both below:

1976 20 ft GMC Sunlane RV for sale. Sleeps 5-6. Ready to use, runs good. Just needs some TLC.
First $1000. Please call or text for more information. Don’t waste my time or yours with Spam please. Great for camping, hunting, and racing. Interior pics available on request. It is a 1976, so does need interior work. Inside wood was replaced in October, but still needs some paneling replaced. Runs good though and still a great deal for someone wanting a cheap rv.

RV has lots of body rust and on floor around motor shroud, cracked windows. Missing second battery, possible fire under the hood on driver’s side,
all electrical needs to be redone in camper, new tires need to be bought, no air conditioning at all, missing belts, loose alternator belt. missing passenger front seat passenger door hinge is broken, no tail lights, leak around roof vent. wouldn’t pay more than 600 or 700 if you plan on parking it at a hunting camp.

What do you all think? I asked the guy via text if he would take 800.00 but he said he was asking 1500.00 and that it was worth 1000.00. It looks like a 70s van front w/a camper built in (maybe a class c type). It has approx. 70k miles and owner states that it would run a few hundred miles. He said it may need a set of rear tires?

My question is; Is this thing even worth the trouble? Should I just forget it if he will not come dn? I only wanted to park it somewhere for camping or maybe at a state park or the beach?

Are you kidding? Stay away from this money pit.

Stay away. This doesn’t look to be capable of safely driving 100 yards, let alone 100 miles. Think of what would happen if the frame buckled at 50 mph, or the brakes failed, or …

See if he’ll pay you $1000 to tow it away for him.

TLC = Major money just to get it road worthy.

It’s a rusted out hulk that needs several thousand dollars to get running, and would probably never run safely. Find another RV.

The current owner has likely invested thousans of dollars and hundreds of hours of time only to realize it’s a money pit and now wishes to wipe some of the egg off his face with hundred dollar bills.

What do I think? I think anyone even thinking of buying a vehicle before they test drive it and have it checked out by their mechanic is nuts. Good people, maybe, but nuts.

ok, I get it!

Thank You for saving me from a big mess!!!


“he said he was asking 1500.00 and that it was worth 1000.00.”

WTH . . . ?!

According to your information, the seller straight out admitted he was asking far more than the thing is even worth

Big red flags all around

This thing needs to be pulled to the junkyard. Don’t take this the wrong way, but in my neck of the woods, only bums drive that kind of worthless RV

And even those bums don’t trust it to make it very far. They drive it just far enough, to avoid a loitering ticket

The buns in your neighborhood drive RVs? That is a lot classier than the shopping carts the bums around here use.

@“oldtimer 11”

The bums aren’t exactly in my neighborhood. They’re not on my street, anyways

But there are certain areas where those bums in their RVs are somewhat tolerated. Why, I don’t know. Where ever they are they, bring down the area

But believe me . . . they’re by no means “classy”

Those RVs are a major eyesore when they stop somewhere for the night. And they’re in awful condition

Yeah I read a “survivalist” blog from an ex-homeless. He was adamant that the two things you needed for any quality of life, at all, were:

  1. A legal vehicle, preferably minivan or larger, to sleep in. Can be a heap, just has to be mobile enough not to be towed away.

  2. A 24-hour chain gym membership, so you had anytime access to showers, etc, in multiple locations.

    Made for a good read; in its own way, as entertaining and informative as any Bear Grylls survivalist show. Can’t seem to find it today, though.

I heard a radio show about a guy who lived in some kind of junky Econoline . . . either a conversion van or an RV . . . while he was at college

He parked the thing in the furthest corner of the most remote parking lot that was still on the college property. Supposedly, he got permission before parking the thing on the lot

He said if he had to pay for housing, apartment, etc., he wouldn’t have been able to go to college

I saw an article about a guy who lived in a tent in the woods while going to college. Even cheaper.

Hypothetically speaking . . . I’d feel MUCH cheaper living in the junky RV, versus living in a tent in the woods :smirk:

I like camping, but camping for a school year would get old, especially anywhere with cool weather or even a lot of rain. Not many colleges close to woods I’d want to spend the winter in. Summer school, sure. Lots of light, warm evenings. I’ve known several people who lived in cars off and on. They were all slobs before and still slobs after. Didn’t have many guests over.

LOL…Interesting…Yeah I’d have to take the RV over camping long term… You get “Camp Hands” pretty quick out in the elements and handling all the things one handles when camping.

I be inside an RV…or build a tree house? haha

My friends wife sold an rv, no title cheap, a guy rents them out as living quarters! Had a dishwasher once that was living in a storage unit, gut bumped because of an extension cord he ran so he could watch tv.