1973 Chevelle SS vibration

Okay, I have a 1973 Chevelle SS and ive had it for some time now. this car was a project car when i bought it and now that its up and running I got a problem i can’t figure out. When ever im driving at around 30mph or higher and i take a right turn or like a bend in the road, that i need to follow, i get this Horrible Vibration and it feels like its coming from my front left side tire, and when i drive slowly i can hear like a “click” from the same tire.

Bad tire? Have you inspected it carefully for bulges and irregularities? How about the wheel bearings?

Yeah these tires a relitively new, any they dont have any bulges in them. how do i check if the wheel bearings are good?

You’ll want to get a manual on your car from Chiltons, etc. If you’ve not checked the front wheel bearings (both sides), you should on a car this old. Does it have disk or drum brakes?

Google ‘how to front wheel bearings’ and you’ll find instructions, like these:

Or spend $25 on this, you’ll need it:

The best way is to pull it apart, clean inspect and repack. One old school way was to pull and push on the top of the tire and if you feel anything other than solid and secure you have a problem with the bearings, then you can do the same two hands one at 3 oclock and the other at 9 oclock, pull and push and if you feel any looseness it is a suspension component such as a tie rod or both

Ahh, ok thank you all! im gonna check now! thanks again all!

I had the same problem on a '76 Olds years ago and it turned out to be a bad shock. You might check that too.