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Wheel berings?

front wheel bearings have been replaced 7x in ~7 years, ~25K miles at the suggestion mechanics (as low as 10K). some times there was a shake/vibration other times only the noise. they tell me there is no check one can make only replacement as they are sealed. do i accept this as regular maintenance w/ this vehicle? others experiencing this level of replacement frequency?

Very odd. I’ve replaced bearings a few times just short of 200K. Easy to tell just by the sound when you give the tire a hand spin on the lift. I will be interested in what the response is.

The only thing that would lead to front wheel bearing replacement this often would be if you’re driving around in deep rain water all of the time, beating the car to death on dirt roads, etc., using some non-branded Chinese made bearings, something screwed up during the installation, or it’s a botched diagnosis.

What are the bearings doing that causes them to be replaced all of the time?

vehicle had occasional dirt roads in the first 80K miles, maybe 1K of that. paved country miles most of it. the last 100K has been 90% expressway and i am not a river runner w/ it. these replacements have been w/ 5 different mechanics as i move around the state. all providing the same consistent diagnosis. and i have to agree that when replaced things quiet down and if it was vibrating, that stopped. therefore i seem to agree w/ the diagnosis

A followup question or two.
They’re replacing wheel bearings on the basis of a vibration? That should not occur unless the bearing is flat worn out and trashed. (excessive looseness which allows the wheel assembly to shake around)

Any whining, growling, roaring, or grinding noise associated with this before the replacement? If not, I think it’s a botched (badly) diagnosis and can’t explain why 5 different guys would come up with this. They have to be overlooking something.