1968 Camaro Problems

Im rebuilting a rochester quadrajet carb. and i need to know if anyone has a good opinion or a site that i can buy some replacement parts for it from? i had some screws break off in there holes as i was trying to break the carb. down to clean it. any good suggestions.

Before you attempt to rebuild the carb, check the throttle shaft for slop by wiggling the throttle plate. If the shaft ends wiggle in the bores of the carb body, forget about rebuilding it. It’ll never run right.


I would just head to the junkyard or hit up ebay. They are everywhere and you can frankenstein enough pieces together such that you should be able to build a decent one out of a few of them.

All Q-jets are pretty much the same, especially those used on Chevy engines. So find a couple of them and build up one good one. Use a NEW float, needle and seat. Seal the little welsh plugs in the float chamber with CYA or epoxy glue so the carb wont “leak down” overnight, producing a hard start. Forget ones made after 1980…They are smog nightmares.

What kind of parts are you looking for? I’ve got a box of misc. QJ stuff in the basement I think.
Parts should be easy to find for this carburetor since they used them for a jillion years. The QJ is one of the best carbs ever made in spite of the cursing that some people give them.
The suggestions given about the QJ are good ones. The throttle shaft bores can be repaired if they’re worn but unless you can do this work yourself you might consider finding another carb; an 800 CFM one from a mid 70s Cadillac will work!

If total originality is not a key factor you could consider going to an Edelbrock Performer carb. These can be found on eBay (new about 225 or so, used less) and these are great carburetors. Reliable, easy to adjust, and both the primary/secondary jets/metering rods are easily swapped to tweak it as desired. These carbs are as simple as it gets; an air horn gasket, base gasket, and a few O-rings.

Lucky you has a '68 Camaro! How bad could it be!